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Welcome to the Advisory, Richard Bratschi

We are pleased to announce that Richard Bratschi has recently joined our Advisory team. Welcome to the team, Richard!

Richard Bratschi has a degree in business informatics and brings 35 years of experience as a project manager, consultant, CEO, entrepreneur, chairman of the board of directors and member in various fields. As a long-standing Chairman of the Board of Directors of an architectural firm with a focus on hospital planning (including Insel BB12, BB7, Children's Hospital, Lindenhof Group, Montana Clinic) and a group practice, he brings extensive strategic and operational expertise in the areas of infrastructure, digitalisation, policy and processes, as well as a strong network in the healthcare sector.

We are looking forward to Richard's profound, broad-based experience and the associated diverse perspectives that will be of great benefit to heyPatient.

Richard is married and lives with a medical doctor in a suburb of Bern.

Dear Richard, we are looking forward to working with you.

Welcome to heyPatient 😃 !

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