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Simplify healthcare. It's about time.

For a new level of patient-centered interaction.

Thanks to the last mile: focus on patients. processes automated.

heyPatient is radically new and simple:

  • open, multi-sided platform according to the latest international standards

  • simplest system and process integration

  • modular self-service functionality

  • Easiest usability for service providers and patients

  • Easily customizable per healthcare jurisdiction

  • Solution-integrated web frontend

  • Multilingual patient app that integrates the personal care network

Award-winning solution. Available now on the Microsoft App Source Store

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heyPatient vereinfacht, automatisiert, spart Kosten und erhöht den Umsatz

Today's service provider-centric solutions are at the capacity limit.


Processes are interrupted due to missing data. Healthcare workers are overwhelmed and frustrated. 70-80% of the working time is needed for administration instead of treating patients.

The heyPatient platform is open, multi-sided and market-tested. We offer end-to-end process digitalization and automation that focuses on patients.

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heyPatient easily integrates patients into the internal processes. In self service. Very easily:

  • e-Registration -> current, pre-checked master data -> from the smartphone directly into the internal system

  • e-Registration -> treatment request, referral details and required additional data -> directly into the internal system

  • e-Forms -> provided digitally in good time via the provided questionnaire

  • e-Termine -> from the internal system directly to the app

  • e-Patient Follow-up -> automated alerts, reminders and more

  • e-Navigation -> easily integrated into the patient journey

  • Self-service appointment booking

  • Self-service check-in

  • and much more

heyPatient saves costs, relieves internal staff and increases patient safety.

Investor opportunity: Strongly growing market

The global digital health market will exceed 426.8 trillion (USD) in 2027, with a high growth rate in mobile health (mHealth).

mHealth technology is recognized as the solution to improve healthcare cost efficiency.


Source: Global Market Insights - Digital Health Market Report

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Latest technology

Platform and app are developed with the latest technology.

Among other things, we use HL7 FHIR, the latest international standard for the exchange of data in healthcare.

Integrating service providers

From a patient's point of view, visiting a hospital is only one episode during an illness.

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Apps und Lösungen, die nur für einen Abschnitt in der ganzen Episode im Leiden genutzt werden können, werden schnell wieder gelöscht. Die Entwicklungskosten sind zu hoch für den einmaligen Nutzen. Leistungserbringer-individuell entwickelte Apps bieten keinen nachhaltigen Patientenmehrwert und verteuern die Kosten im Gesundheitswesen.

heyPatient bietet eine einheitliche, Leistungserbringer-integrierende Plattform zu tiefen Kosten.

Weshalb ist das wichtig?

Join us

Our investors invest in the simply networked, efficient healthcare system of the future, in which patients are the focus and healthcare workers have time for their treatment. Because processes are automated and the required data is securely in the right place at the right time.

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Consistently digital

We are registered on daura , the digital share register, for easy financial participation in the heyPatient history.

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