Invest in heyPatient.

For a new level of patient-centered interaction.

The last mile - as a service

Our solution offers simple, fully integrated patient interaction.

For the healthcare of the future. For a digital health support for people - whether sick or healthy.

As a service. Simple, flexible and highly scalable.

Big market need

The Swiss health care system is in serious condition. The fever will soon reach an overwhelming and boiling CHF 100 billion a year! According to the BAG and other innovative organizations such as, 1.5 billion francs are being spent unnecessarily and even dangerously for the mostly overwhelmed patients and doctors.

Digital Switzerland is betting that the relationship and data transfer between patients and doctors will be revolutionized and completely transformed - and that the Swiss healthcare system will save CHF 1 trillion by the end of 2021.

"There is still a lot of room for digital solutions, especially in concrete use"

(Digital Switzerland). We accept the bet.

heyPatient increases efficiency and patient satisfaction while saving costs.

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Investor opportunity: Strongly growing market

The global digital health market will exceed 426.8 trillion (USD) in 2027, with a high growth rate in mobile health (mHealth).

mHealth technology is recognized as the solution to improve healthcare cost efficiency.


Source: Global Market Insights - Digital Health Market Report

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Latest technology

Platform and app are developed with the latest technology.

Among other things, we use HL7 FHIR, the latest international standard for the exchange of data in healthcare.

Integrating service providers

From a patient's point of view, visiting a hospital is only one episode during an illness.

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Apps and solutions that can only be used for one section in the entire episode of a suffering are quickly deleted.

The development costs are too high for the one-time benefit.

Service provider-individually developed apps do not offer sustainable patient added value and make healthcare costs more expensive.

heyPatient offers a uniform, service provider-integrating platform at low costs.

Why is that important?

Consistently digital

We are registered on daura , the digital share register, for easy financial participation in the heyPatient history.

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