Accompany patients digitally

Das Leben von heute findet zu einem Grossteil auf dem Smartphone statt.


Mobilität und digitale Services werden zunehmend auch im Gesundheitswesen erwartet:


  • Menschen wollen in jedem Alter und in jeder Phase ihren Gesundheitsalltag schnell und einfach organisieren. So wie den restlichen Alltag.

  • Werden Sie zum digitalen Vorreiter - mit heyPatient.

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Why heyPatient?
Adrian Schmitter
CEO Cantonal Hospital Baden AG

"We are convinced that heyPatient, as a digital and integrated solution, has the potential to set new standards in healthcare."

As a service

Transparent costs

No surprises

Module-like functionalities, flexibly connectable

Seamlessly integrated

You work as before, we integrate patients into your processes.

It's as easy as that.

Highest security

Data is stored in the Microsoft Azure Swiss Cloud, Swiss-ID verified patient identities, data protection/DSGVO secured.


The app acts as a companion with additional features. It offers 16 languages and integrates that  care network.

make an appointment for a presentation
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Fabian Dubler

Sales director

Modular functionality as a service

The next health app?


We offer more:

  • e-Registration, e-appointments, e-forms are the basis.

  • Topic-specific information updates and offers

  • Seating class upgrades, in-app purchases and much more

  • integrated 15-language app in your branding

  • "heyFamily" functionality for the integration of the personal support network

  • EPD frontend coming soon  

Integration: Simple - in just a few days
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Thanks to ready-made modules, you can reach your patients digitally within a few days. Very easily. As a service. The heyPatient functionality can be easily activated in Microsoft Navision DynamicMED as well as in POLYPOINT. learn more


Our solution uses the HL7 FHIR standard. This means that all common systems can be easily integrated. 

Data protection and data security at the highest level
  • Dedicated FHIR agent per care provider connection (test and prod)

  • Optional BYOK

  • Data stored in the Microsoft Swiss Azure Cloud

  • Encrypted data storage and transmission

  • SwissID verified patient identity

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Close to the pulse: Get an overall view of your patient journey 
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Patient Journey Workshop

PatientJourney Analyse.PNG

Patient Journey Analysis

Ready-made modules for known systems


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heyPatient is already included as a module in the current Navision version of the DDAG. Experience shows that activating the functionality takes a few hours.

In the heyPatient tile of Microsoft Navision DynamicMED, new registrations and logins are displayed immediately - for review and approval by the patient administration. 

The app reports the successful test with a "warm welcome" and shows the patient ID (PID), and after logging in, the case ID (FID) directly in the app.




Book appointments as usual and leave paper documents behind. This is heyPatient.

Offer virtual appointments, automated additional information and tips such as "sober phase"

With POLYPOINT, self-booking by patients can also easily be offered.

  • Activation takes a few days.

  • We would be happy to provide you with a test connection.

  • We look forward to your call.

Be connected and stay connected - with heyPatient
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Design Patient Journeys - directly integrated in Microsoft Teams

Our solution offers seamless integration into Microsoft services. For example, we offer the configuration of your patient journey directly integrated in Microsoft Teams.

You do not need any additional login credentials, benefit from simple collaboration and many other advantages. 

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Start digitization now - with heyPatient

As a service, at transparent costs and safely.