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Digital healthcare companion

It's about you.

health is personal. Every story is different. As a person, you are always the center of attention.

The heyPatient app helps you and your loved ones to keep an eye on health appointments. You always have important documents, including insurance cards, quickly at hand. With "heyFamily" you share the common appointment view.

With the app you can register digitally with heyPatient health partners and you will receive your appointments directly on the timeline, integrated into your mobile calendar. In the appointment detail, your heyPatient health partner provides important information about the upcoming appointment, preparation, treatment and aftercare.

Timeline Self-Entry.png
Everything important at hand at all times

heyPatient has everything you need at all times of the day - so that you are well organized:


Insurance card

Documents & more


Health Partner


Funktionalitaet Timeline.png
Funktionalitaet heyFamily.png
Funktionalitaet Gesundheitspartner.png

Sync with mobile calendar - Automated appointment reminder

Insurance card(s) with picture-scan;

Storage of further information

Directory for doctor's certificates, X-ray images, reports and much more. In addition:

Directory of allergies and intolerances

Join view on appointments with your loved ones. Share notes in appointment-details if not set on "private". 

Digitally get to know services, teams and specializations

My data is mine

We see it the same way: you decide who you share what data with.

  • With "heyFamily" you allow close people the insight into your timeline.

  • You can connect with the health partners you trust (e.g. hospital, general practitioner). The app shows which data you release so that they are already known in an emergency.

  • You can register digitally with your health partner. Save yourself the paperwork and the waiting time at the reception!

heyPatient is responsible for your health data. That is why we use secure login with SwissID , save your data in Switzerland and send your data encrypted.


Read our privacy policy .

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For emergencies

Via heyPatient you connect digitally with the heyPatient-health partner you trust, e.g. the hospital near you. By clicking on "Connect" you share the contact and insurance data required when registering.

This means that your most important data is already available in an emergency and immediate treatment can begin.

Front Desk at Clinic
A "Grüezi" at the reception, without waiting

Register yourself and your loved ones digitally for admission to the hospital. The app shows which data is required. After a check from the hospital administration, the app shows your personal- and Case ID (PID and FID). Via the app you will be greeted with a "warm welcome" even before you enter.

You don't need to bring any forms with you on the day of entry. Everything done long ago.

Young woman with grandmother

Do you take care of relatives or neighbors? Would you like an overview of your family's health appointments?


With "heyFamily" you can add close people to your timeline. So that you can take responsibility well organized.

The approval works easily using the invitation code and can be canceled at any time.

Download the app


Get the digital health companion for you and your loved ones. Benefit from free, paperless registration and health appointments directly on your smartphone:

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