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Medication Passport - digitized


Simplify healthcare:

  • Digital instead of paper

  • minimal data entry

  • automated reminder

  • simplest configuration

  • patient-centric

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Would you also like to supplement your medication with a digital companion?

hey reminder speaks 16 languages and works productively.

heyPatient offers a patient-centric, open platform with an integrated, multilingual patient app. Winner of the Digital Economy Award for "highest digital quality" and "Innovation Gold".

Realize your vision now. With heyPatient.

Our team of experts in digital patient journeys will work with you to create new healthcare service options.

In our design workshops, we will work with you to develop a clickable prototype in a short time, which will make your vision of the target image tangible and tangible.

You will receive extensive documentation with a benefit-oriented offer for the specific implementation and your internal communication with other stakeholders. 

On request, we can provide an app in the heyPatient basic scope, supplemented with the functionalities you want, with your branding and name in the stores. 

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