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healthy region
digitally connected

Information, appointments and digital health support.

By region for region. 

All actors are simply, digitally and securely networked with each other.

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Simply digitally and securely connected with each other

Process-integrated patients

The patient-centric solution from heyPatient in combination with Cuore, the Swiss Post networking platform, offers exactly what has been needed and desired in the Swiss healthcare system for a long time:

The simplest, seamless interoperability with process-integrated, digitally accessible patients.

heyPatient and Cuore

What does the regional health app offer?

The app acts as a digital health companion and connects health partner systems directly to the patient's smartphone via a secure, protected connection. 

Citizens can decide for themselves at any time with whom they want to share their data.

What does it cost?

The app is available free of charge in the stores.

The provision of the app is financed by the partner organizations in the health region.

Health partners can subscribe to digital services such as e-registration, e-appointments, etc. at low costs and thus benefit from process-digitization and automation and most importantly, digitally reachable patients.

Who needs a regional digital solution?

In addition to the population and health partners, who benefit from simplified interaction, appointments that can be booked digitally and paperless preparation, these are also communities that have had to bear the explosion in health costs in an otherwise tight budget for years.

Who is behind the regional health app?

A regional association of healthcare stakeholders from Winterthur and the surrounding area.

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