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Patient portal at the touch of a button

With the Next Generation Patient Portal from heyPatient, your comprehensive patient management system is ready in no time at all. 

What does that mean in detail? What does heyPatient offer, what is required and where is the starting point? We will be happy to answer these and other questions and show you the possibilities live.


Dial in - we look forward to giving you a live insight into the app and our web frontends and answering your questions.


Including the following topics:

  • Patient portal at the touch of a button: what does it involve?

  • What are the most popular standard functionalities?

  • What are the business cases? Where can I achieve which optimisation and save costs?

  • Live insight into the solution

  • Data protection and security: What is the advantage of a patient-centred solution?

  • What is needed and what is the easiest way to get started?

  • Conclusion, questions and answers 

The webinar is held in German.

Participation is free of charge.

We look forward to seeing you!

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