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Our Story

Why heyPatient? What is the origin of this app? And how did the app come about? We are happy to share our story with you:

Accident - Broken Arm

The trigger of the heyPatient story was a broken arm of one of our children with emergency admission, hospitalization and two operations in spring 2019.

First of all: Thanks to the best care from doctors and nurses, the fracture has healed well.

Stack of Forms, Search for Documents, Clarify Information ...

A stack of papers to fill out (sometimes several times per department) prior to hospital admission, seemed to us - especially in addition to the mostly unsettled child - cumbersome and time-consuming. The insurance card always seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Administration and bureaucracy were too often in the way before the good medical treatment could start.

Permanently available, Individualized Information was missing ...

During the treatment we received important information and instructions verbally. Much was forgotten in the excitement. Information about prevention and care soon had to be asked for, and for the involvement of the care network, for example to answer the teachers' question regarding sports at school, there was always something missing in writing to read.


.. the Idea was born ..

It became clear to us that good, uncomplicated treatment and the fastest possible recovery must be in the foreground.


Everything else seems unimportant in these moments, but must be available in the background as simply, quickly and reliable as possible: Address, health insurance, medical history.


Because patient administration must be able to identify the patient, they need contact and insurance data. Medical personnel need immediate access to correct health data to start the best possible treatment. The internal processes must work seamlessly so that time is not wasted.


We wanted to make that possible. So that people can concentrate on people because the necessary data is available and supporting processes are automated.

.. and from it the Vision ...

Our vision " People and their health are the focus " was born.

We worked hard on our mission with great motivation and enthusiasm "A patient-centered healthcare system of the future, where we easily interact digitally with our healthcare partners of choice."

.. with a first prototype that was exciting.

After a 3-day design challenge with sprints, interviews, storyboards, designs, prototyping and user testing, the heyPatient prototype was born in July 2019.


You can read more about the design sprint here in the blog .


From our own stories and experiences, we defined the requirements for heyPatient and a prototype was created. You will find insights into this contribution from our development partner Deep Impact AG.


Since then we have been continuously developing the product and the requirements in cooperation with patients and service providers. In September 2019 we founded heyPatient AG.

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