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The system-integrated Patient App for your Customers

Enable your customers to interact with patients from your system directly to the heyPatient app. Fully integrated and without media discontinuity 

As a system manufacturer, you expand your offering with a patient-centric app that acts as a digital health companion independent of service providers and offers your customers attractive options for automating and digitizing patient-centric processes.


Innovative Digital Health solutions, integrated into Patient Journeys

Via heyApp Store you can now make your solution easily available for hospitals and clinics.

Easily integrated thanks to standard interfaces, provided as a service for interested hospitals and clinics. For value-added services along the patient journey.

Open, patient-centric platform for easy interoperability

Awarded the Digital Economy Award "Innovation Gold" for "Highest Digital Quality

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Use of proven standards

Our interfaces are based on HL7 FHIR. Wherever possible, we build on common, generally applicable standards.

We use Microsoft for collaboration in projects and the login of service providers in the heyPortal (configuration).

We are a Microsoft partner.

We use SwissID for secure logins and the verified identity of all parties involved.

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Easy integration

Our API is based on HL7 FHIR. The solution can be connected via integration platforms or via health engine .

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