The system-integrated Patient App for your Customers

Enable your customers to interact with patients from your system directly on the heyPatient app. Fully integrated and without media discontinuity


In this way, you expand your offer with a patient-centered app that acts as a digital health companion independently of the service provider and offers your customers attractive use cases.




Your solution; seamlessly integrated in the heyPatient Service - for the patient journey of the future.


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Use of proven standards

Our interfaces are based on HL7 FHIR. Wherever possible, we build on common, generally applicable standards.

We use Microsoft for collaboration in projects and the login of service providers in the heyPortal (configuration).

We are a Microsoft partner.

We use SwissID for secure logins and the verified identity of all parties involved.

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Third Party Plugins

Our vision is a solution with the greatest possible benefit for everyone:

With integrated third-party software, patients and service providers benefit from comprehensive functionalities.


Let's build a Swiss solution together that inspires!


Available heyPatient Modules

Unser API basiert auf HL7 FHIR. Die Lösung kann via Integrationsplattformen oder via health engine angebunden werden.

Zudem bestehen drei fixfertige Module für die folgenden Funktionalitäten:

Digital Patient Registration


Since June 2020, DDAG customers have been able to use the heyPatient functionality in Microsoft Navision DynamicMED to offer their patients digital end-to-end registration and login via app.

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Digital appointment dispatch


In September, two system providers will offer the fully integrated heyPatient functionality for digital appointment dispatch.


When booking an appointment, heyPatient users automatically receive their appointments in the app as an invitation. When you click on "confirm", the planning system shows the confirmation time stamp and the appointment appears in the app timeline.


Service providers can use the heyPortal to find additional information on preparation, treatment and aftercare, including the necessary forms, videos and much more. for the appointment.