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Our Co-Founders are Digital Shapers

We're very happy and proud of the recognition of our Co-Founders as "Digital Shapers" in Bilanz Wirtschaftsmagazin and Handelszeitung as well as digitalswitzerland.

Alongside nine other dedicated innovators in the "eMedics" category, our Co-Founders are enhancing well-being, health, and medicine through digital transformation.

In favor of a digital future that empowers us all. This is also the driving force behind our Co-Founders: "We're excited about elevating quality of live with the help of digitally enhanced healthcare systems, transitioning from a sickcare model to a true healthcare paradigm."

Their tireless efforts and passion serve as a driving force that inspires all Digital Shapers to redefine the limits of what is possible.

We are very excited and honored to be represented alongside heyPatient among the Digital Shapers.

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