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Frequently asked Questions

Who can use the heyPatient app? 

The heyPatient app is an offer for natural persons (users) residing in Switzerland who have reached the age of 18.

The heyPatient app helps you and your loved ones to keep an eye on health appointments. You always have important documents, including insurance cards, quickly at hand. With "heyFamily" you share the common appointment view and support each other in everyday health care.

Where is my data stored? 

The information that you store in heyPatient is stored in encrypted form in the Microsoft Azure Cloud in Switzerland. Your data does not leave Switzerland. The transmission is also encrypted. You decide with whom you share your data (e.g. hospitals, heyFamily). 

Read more about how your data is protected: Privacy Policy. (in German only)

Why do I need a SwissID? 

For maximum security, we use the SwissID login, which is already used by over 2 million people in Switzerland.

The lowest SwissID security level with email address and password is sufficient for the basic app functionality.


With the SwissID you can digitally identify yourself with numerous other digital services and online services such as the post office or in e-banking with the highest level of security.

Why do I have to verify my SwissID? 

Since we transmit sensitive data to healthcare partners with your consent, we must prevent data misuse. To ensure that no unauthorized person receives your health data or appointments on the app, certain functionalities require a SwissID-verified identity.

This is requested by the app if required and can easily be carried out digitally - the app will guide you through the necessary steps. The whole thing takes a few minutes. Your data is checked either automatically or requires a manual check, which takes a maximum of 1-2 days.

The SwissID accepts all biometric passports as well as the Swiss identity card.

Who has access to my data? 

Nobody has access to your data without your consent. If you share data with third parties, the app will alert you and let you know what data is being shared. This is the case, for example, when connecting to health partners of your choice or when registering for admission.

Read more about this in our privacy policy.

Is my healthcare partner already on heyPatient?

The heyPatient symbol on the top right of the healthcare partner tile shows you whether your healthcare partner is already connected to heyPatient.  

We are constantly expanding and trying to increase the number of participating health partners. If your health partner is not yet connected, you are welcome to send us an email to and we will contact the health partner of your choice.

Why should I connect with health partners? 

By connecting with a healthcare partner such as the hospital in your area, you share your contact and insurance details with that regional hospital.


In the event of an emergency, your details are already known to this hospital and everyone involved can immediately concentrate on the treatment. The administration is done, the insurance cover is clarified. 

If the hospital is planning a treatment appointment for you, the internal system will show that you have already connected via heyPatient, so the hospital knows that no paper is required -> You receive your appointments directly on the app and are well informed right from the start .

Wie kann ich meine E-Mailadresse ändern?

To change your heyPatient email address, navigate to your profile and open the "Contact details" section. After changing the email address, click "Save".

Your heyPatient e-mail address will be used to communicate with heyPatient and the health partners. It may differ from the SwissID e-mail address.


If you want to change your SwissID e-mail address, please follow the SwissID instructions.

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