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Forward-looking cooperation: HIN and heyPatient

Health Info Net AG (HIN) and the Winterthur-based healthcare start-up heyPatient AG have agreed on a partnership for the next three years as part of the HIN Startup Programme.

Within the framework of this partnership, the following integrations of HIN services in heyPatient are planned:

Secure communication via the heyPatient app thanks to HIN Mail

The integration of the HIN Mail Service makes it possible for patients to contact their doctor directly via a secure connection.

Healthcare providers can store different mail addresses for each specialist area.

Integration of the HIN Master Data Index in heyPatient App

The integration of the HIN Master Data Index improves the search function for heyPatient users. From now on, healthcare providers connected to HIN can be found directly in the heyPatient app.

Secure login for healthcare providers: HIN authentication via heyPatient App

In the future, healthcare providers will be able to register directly with heyPatient via their HIN login. In this way, heyPatient customers can use their existing login and at the same time heyPatient can reliably verify health care providers.

Telemedicine: Instant messaging between doctor & patient thanks to HIN Talk

The integration of HIN Talk makes it possible for patients to contact doctors directly and exchange information via a secure chat connection.


The implementation of the functions is divided into several priorities.

In the first phase, the HIN master data index will be connected to heyPatient. This will enable the integration of the HIN Mail function and improve the search function in heyPatient for patients.

In a next step, the authentication and the HIN Talk function will be implemented and then integrated into heyPatient.


About heyPatient

heyPatient is a health SaaS-platform with an integrated patient app that accompanies people in their everyday health care. heyPatient enables service providers and patients to interact directly with each other. Appointment invitations, information on preparation and follow-up treatment, paperless admission, tasks or important forms: With the app, patients have everything important at hand - always.

About HIN

Health Info Net AG (HIN) protects patient data in the digital world. For health professionals in Switzerland, HIN is the standard for secure communication and the trustworthy handling of sensitive data. HIN was founded in 1996 on the initiative of the FMH and the Ärztekasse. Since then HIN connects health professionals simply, securely and personally

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