Your Digital Health Companion
Mobile Health as a Service
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everyday life


My digital companion.

Register without paper, make appointments.

For me and my family.

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Appointments from the clinic directly to the app and my patient file on the go.

Always well prepared.



Ready to hand

Everything important always at hand. About me and my family. Coming soon as an EPD / EPA frontend.

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"Hey Family"


Integrate my care network.

Support one another.

Quite simply and digitally.

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For Service Providers:
Connected to your patients - at any time, digitally and securely

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For Service Providers:
Connected to your patients - at any time, digitally and securely

heyPatient offers "mobile health as a service".

For the digital patient journey according to your wishes:


Digital registration: Simple, efficient, secure and completely digital.


Digital dispatch of appointments directly to the app. Seamlessly integrated into your systems.


Offer further functionalities such as digital  questionnaires, in-app sales and more. 


Introduce your departments, teams and offers with contact addresses and more - all in the app.

Digital health companion

The smartphone is at the beginning

a high quality treatment.


Several health partners are typically involved in a treatment: family doctor, physio, acupuncture, hospital, rehab and aftercare.


That is why people appreciate heyPatient.

  • Everyday health well organized - in all phases of life

  • Updates and appointments from my health partners

  • Everything important such as ID documents, insurance documents, etc. always with you

  • My loved ones are in the picture about important dates


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Appointments at a glance


The personal timeline shows dentist and check-up appointments as well as a clinic treatment or the rehabilitation stay. You can see the appointments at any time in your mobile calendar.


You receive appointments from heyPatient health partners directly from the doctor in the app. In the appointment details you will find additional information such as packing list, fasting phase, forms and information on preparation, treatment and follow-up care.


If necessary, share appointments and additional information via heyFamily with your personal care network.



Insurance card, documents, allergy passport always at hand


Well prepared at all times, even in an emergency. With heyPatient you have all documents to hand at all times.


And as soon as the electronic patient dossier (EPD) or the electronic patient file (EPA) is available, personal data stored there can also be easily and securely accessible via app at any time.


hey family

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The care network on board


Whether for parents, children, friends, neighbors: we are all happy to be there and offer support.


Because we know: Some appointments are easier with a companion. And recovery in the familiar care network is faster.


It's very easy with heyFamily.

Data protection: Secure!
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Health data enjoy the highest level of confidentiality.


The data entered in the app are stored in Switzerland.

We use SwissID for secure login .


heyPatient users decide for themselves at any time with whom to share their data.


The transmission of data is encrypted.