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heyPatient offers the simplest process automation with a smart, patient-centric solution. 

heyPatient offers more than just a patient portal.
With our digital front door solution, you put your patients at the centre of attention and accompany them automatically before, during and after treatment.

You relieve your healthcare staff, reduce costs and benefit from better informed patients.

Quite simply and as a service. Start today.

My health in my hand

Simply implement digitization, as a service

heyPatient as ValueAdd-Service on the
Swiss healthcare platform CUORE for End-to-End Interoperability B2B2C.

Order heyPatient as preferred SaaS solution right now in Microsoft App Store

Data protection: maximum security

App login and patient identity verification

In Switzerland, we use SwissID for a safe login and patient identity verification.

This means that service providers can trust that appointments and health data will reach identity-verified recipients. Patients know that their data is protected against unauthorized access. In order for app users to be able to connect digitally to a service provider, a short video identification is required, which is carried out digitally. That takes a few minutes. It's worth it to us, because it's about your medical data. 

Data storage: Encrypted, in Switzerland

Our solution is integrated into the Microsoft Swiss Azure Cloud. The data is stored encrypted. Dedicated FHIR agents ensure that the highest data protection requirements can be met. The data transmission is encrypted. Optionally we offer BYOK (Bring Your Own Key).

Why heyPatient?


The smartphone is at the beginning

a quality treatment.

In order for an app to be used and not deleted immediately, it must offer benefits across the hospital.

heyPatient is patient-centric and service provider-integrating. Because people want to stay connected for their health.

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Automation power: Save costs, relieve employees 

doctor happy.jpg

Quite simply and as a service

  • e-Registration (also web-based)

  • e-appointment

  • virtual appointments

  • Notes and (patient) tasks, freely configurable

  • e-forms

  • e-invoice copy

  • Inbox and personal messages

  • hey family

  • Document directory, allergies and much more.


Because digitization should simplify things

Thanks to Swiss-ID verified patient identities, everyone involved saves themselves time-consuming onboarding.

We need

  • no need for QR code-sending for patient identification

  • no need for Management of patient smartphones and similar expenses.

hey Family: Enable the support network

The support network on board

Parents, children, friends, neighbors: We are all happy to be there and offer support. 

With"hey family" for example, parents can act as representatives for their children. Families can share a common view of appointments and support each other in everyday healthcare.

Because we know: some appointments are easier with a companion. And the recovery in the familiar care network is demonstrably better.

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