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Ecosystems - more Value for Everyone

Updated: Jan 23

At the recent Digital Health Day of Swiss Healthcare Startups and digitalswitzerland at the Kunsthaus Zurich, our COO and Co-Founder, Regula Spühler, participated in a panel discussion on "Innovation's Impact on Patient Outcome" together with industry experts from scale-ups Tom Medication, Decentric and Soignez-moi.

The impact of innovation on patient outcome

With the moderator Jade Sternberg from digitalswitzerland, an open and extremely exciting exchange on the topic quickly took place with direct insights into the individual solutions. The panellists explained why ecosystems are needed, what benefits they bring and what the challenges are.

The Healthcare Ecosystem Journey was already discussed in the run-up to the panel, among others with Marina Marauli, Director Clinical Supply Innovation at MSD Switzerland and Marianne Larsson, Director of HealthTech Nordic, Sweden as well as Bardia Zanganeh, Director & People Lead, Sector Head Life Sciences & Healthcare of Zühlke Group.

Collaboration in open ecosystems - now

It is high time to break down data silos and collaborate to provide and connect solutions - for the future of healthcare. Patient-centred.

The heyPatient solution was designed from the start to be an open, multi-sided and patient-centric platform. We identify patients securely and along their journeys. Cross-provider.

For more benefits and massive cost savings

Regula Spühler mentioned in the panel that automation was THE enabler for new offerings at affordable prices in other industries. This enabler is urgently needed in the health sector. For

  • Cost reduction

  • Increased safety, better patient management, preparation and care

  • Automated and thus maximally optimised administrative processes

Together for our customers

Together with our partner network, for example Swiss Post with the Swiss healthcare platform CUORE, we take the exciting business cases for our customers to the next level.

Would you like to learn more?

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