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Digital Health Academy - We're part of it =)

Pushing the boundaries of Swiss healthcare - that is what is pledged to heyPatient and three other selected ScaleUps. They were selected to participate in the Digital Health Academy.

The digital health ecosystem in Switzerland is growing exponentially, with thought leaders developing innovative solutions to address these ambitious challenges. To accelerate this change and identify potentially groundbreaking solutions, digitalswitzerland has decided to launch the first edition of the Digital Health Academy. The aim of the Academy is to strengthen collaboration between thought leaders in the ecosystem to push the boundaries of healthcare in Switzerland.

Im Bild, von links nach rechts: Matthias Spühler (CEO heyPatient), Maria Fernanda Scoz Luz (Healthcare and Life Sciences Business Developer Decentriq), Phil Norris (Lead Scaleup Enablement, digitalswitzerland)

Joint offer with Swiss Healthcare Startups

This was officially presented by both partners at the Startup Days in Berne end of May when the Digital Health Academy was launched. Read more here

What selection criteria were considered and who else is involved?

Four scaleups were selected for their innovative and ambitious solutions that enable the Swiss population to own and understand their health data.

We are very pleased that heyPatient, together with Decentric, Soignez-moi and Tom Medications (in alphabetical order) have been selected for the Academy in 2023!

Why the Digital Health Academy?

The Swiss healthcare system offers one of the best quality of care in the world. But it faces many challenges related to high costs and limited resources.

In a nutshell:

Digital solutions will push the boundaries of healthcare, as digitalisation will pave the way for a sustainable and efficient healthcare system that delivers quality care to all patients while optimising data management and health navigation.

digitalswitzerland adds to this:

It is equally important that the healthcare system of the future is patient-centred: it must enable citizens to better navigate digitally, access relevant information and focus more on preventive measures to help people become more active and stay healthy for longer.

What does the Digital Health Academy offer? What can we look forward to?

During the six months of the programme, the four Scaleups:will be mentored by a select panel of experts, participate in exciting workshops organised by programme partners to delve into the key topics needed to scale their solutions.

Participation in the VentureLab Scaleup Bootcamp is also on the programme to bring companies and scaleups together, as well as numerous events for networking and exchange.

As thought leaders, participating scaleups will have the opportunity to position our ideas and solutions at key ecosystem events such as Digital Health Day in Zurich (27th September 2023) and AI for Health in Genf (7th December 2023).

The programme will conclude with the publication of a visual white paper on the state of innovation.

A heartful Thank You, digitalswitzerland and Swiss Healthcare Startups, for the selection and the opportunity to be part of the 2023- Digital Health Academy!

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