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Welcome, Eleonora Berisha

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

We are pleased to welcome Eleonora to our team. She joined us on 1.6.2022 as Project Manager.

Eleonora is a qualified nurse with a CAS in the management of healthcare organisations. She has in-depth healthcare experience, she has profound project- and leadership experience.

Prior to heyPatient, Eleonora worked as Head of Nursing at the University Hospital Zurich and at the Cantonal Hospital Baden. In 2016, Eleonora was also the Deputy Head Nurse at the KFOR Swisscoy NATO hospital in Prizren, Kosovo.

Her expertise, among other things from lean project implementations, will flow into project challenges on the customer side as well as into new heyPatient products.

We wish Eleonora a successful start at heyPatient, exciting challenges and a lot of fun in the team, with our customers and various stakeholders.

Welcome to the team, Eleonora. We're looking forward to working together with you :) !

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