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Web-admission, easily integrated into your website

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

We now offer our digital admission as a web-based service that you can easily integrate into your company website.

Bestellen Sie den neuen Service jetzt und profitieren Sie schon morgen von einem automatisierten Aufnahmeprozess mit vorgeprüften Patientendaten.

Pre-checked, complete patient master data directly into your ERP - without onboarding headaches

With heyPatient you don't need a QR code or any other effort for patient onboarding:

  • No additional effort on your part: Your patients register for admission independently and easily via app or web-based.

  • patients use our login or fill-in the form as a guest: e-registration can be used independently of heyPatient. With an existing account, the process is a few seconds faster ;-)

  • 16 languages: As usual with heyPatient, the e-registration is also multilingual.

  • Basic check for completeness and plausibility: We carry out this automatically for you in the input mask. You benefit from high-quality, up-to-date master data, directly into your ERP.

  • SwissID-verified identities: Without time-consuming onboarding, you benefit from maximum security in digital patient interaction.

Easily integrated into your website

You can easily integrate the e-registration into your website via a link or iFrame.

Reasons for admission, bookable appointments and suitable notes: Simply configure

Via heyPortal you can easily configure the displays, options and communication you want in the e-registration. As well as the display image, your logo and other branding elements.

SwissID-verified patient identities

Because data protection is non-negotiable but should not burden your internal organisation, we use SwissID as a secure patient login.

Digital forms, messages to the app inbox or personal messages: You can trust that process automation is carried out with the highest level of data protection compliance.

Onboarding of patients residing abroad - process-integrated and easy.

Patients residing abroad can also register with you simply and paperlessly via e-registration. This simplifies your internal processes enormously.

Data protection and data economy

With heyPatient, you can rely on carefully implemented data protection. We implement the principle of data economy with the utmost care. For example, the employer is only compulsorily requested if "accident" is entered as the reason for registration.

This means that the e-registration can be completed quickly, and at the same time you and your employees benefit from the fact that the required data is available reliably and in good time during the further treatment process.

ERP-Integration: Maximum simplicity. We like "headache-free" :-)

DDAG customers who use Navision DynamicMED benefit from the ready-to-use heyPatient module, which only needs to be activated. Thanks to HL7 FHIR, integration into any other ERP is easily possible within a short time.

Contact us in case of questions. We use our >25 years of experience with system environments in the hospital sector to ensure that you receive rapid benefits.

With e-registration you increase the degree of automation, you save costs and relieve your employees.

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