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"Technologie is in our DNA"

For the Microsoft Pulse Insight of 26.5.2022, three innovative start-ups were portrayed. The question was: "How do you unlock as a superpower?".

Our CEO, Matthias Spühler, had a lot of fun doing the interview and recording with the whole team. His answers to the questions?

Click here for the video:

Microsoft: "What does your start-up do?"

Matthias: "We digitise the interaction between patients and healthcare providers."

Microsoft: "Describe data security in three words."

Matthias: "Especially in healthcare, you have to be human-centered, technology-enabled and engaged."

Microsoft: "I do what I do because..."

Matthias: "Because I want to make the world a better place with what I do every day."

Microsoft: "What keeps you awake at night?"

Matthias (laughs): "Well, mainly how to finance everything and how to bring our products to market faster."

Microsoft: "What business lessons have you learned so far?"

Matthias: "Well, trust more in the process. In turns out well in the end. And enjoy every day and every moment with all the people around you."

Microsoft: "What role does technology play in your startup?"

Matthias: "Technology is in the DNA of heyPatient."

Many thanks to the Microsoft team for the exciting exchange and the fun of the shoot!

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