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Solution integration: Simple, seamless, intuitive

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

The interaction and communication between patients and hospitals does not yet make full use of the possibilities of today's technologies.

Yet, studies (e.g. Digital Switzerland) estimate that better data exchange between patients and practitioners can save up to one billion per year in the Swiss healthcare system. At the same time, better communication and interaction can also make the patient's treatment experience significantly more pleasant and thus contribute to the success of the treatment.

Against this backdrop, the Cantonal Hospital of Baden and heyPatient AG have jointly developed and implemented an app that accompanies patients along the entire treatment path through the hospital and beyond, makes necessary information easily accessible to them, bundles appointment planning and booking, and enables 1:1 communication with doctors.

Simplicity of use and seamless integration into existing environments were the focus from the very beginning. So that service providers can concentrate on the essentials: Medical treatment and time with patients.

The heyPatient solution uses current, widely used standards. In addition to HL7 FHIR, these include various Microsoft solutions:

Data well secured in the Swiss Cloud

  • For increased data protection and data security requirements, we use the Azure Services of the Microsoft Cloud in Switzerland.

  • Each service provider is assigned a dedicated FHIR connector, which ensures secure and data-protection-compliant interaction with app users.

Microsoft Teams - also for embedding solution components

  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams offers service providers ease of use from the project to the operational phase. Manuals, documentation and support are available at all times.

  • Directly embedded in the Microsoft Teams environment is also our "heyPortal", with which our services can be configured, the app appearance according to CD/CI and the patient process can be designed.

Outlook: Online-Booking and Video Consultation

For service providers whose internal systems do not offer self-booking functionalities (such as POLYPOINT), we are planning the integration of Microsoft Booking and Microsoft Teams integration in the app.

Competence as Microsoft Partner

  • As Microsoft Startup Member and Microsoft Partner, heyPatient benefits from direct access to Microsoft experts who ensure the seamless integration of new functionalities (e.g. Microsoft bookings).

  • We are happy to use this expertise to further expand the solution - for your seamless, intuitive use.

We are happy if we can simplify your everyday life and at the same time generate as much benefit as possible. That is the vision of heyPatient.

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