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Securely verified user identity: Because health data is at stake

With over 2 million SwissID users, SwissID is now a well-known solution in the field of digital identities. The simple and secure login allows quick access to various online services of insurance companies, administrations and also health services such as heyPatient.

The secure login is one reason why we chose SwissID.

Flexibly adaptable security requirements along the patient journey were another decisive factor for choosing SwissID.

How does a Patient Journey with SwissID look like?

Using the example of Monika Beispiel and Moritz Muster, let's see what this means in concrete terms:

SwissID Login: Name and e-Mail

  • Monika Beispiel uses her SwissID to log in to heyPatient.

  • Moritz Muster is unsure whether he has a SwissID. He enters his usual password. The app immediately recognises that there is no SwissID login yet, Moritz creates this with a few clicks and entries. Shortly after Monika, he too is securely logged in to heyPatient.

Monika and Moritz organise their health appointments in the heyPatient app. Instead of appointment cards, they have an overview of their dentist, GP and many other appointments in both the mobile calendar and the app at all times. With automated reminders, stored additional notes, photos, etc.

With "heyFamily", the personal care network gets an insight into planned appointments - so helping each other becomes very easy.

In addition, insurance cards, personal documents, allergies and more can be stored in the app.

Level 1: Online-Identity Check

  • Monika wants to connect digitally to the nearby hospital so that her contact and insurance details are already known in case of an emergency. She clicks on "connect". The app shows that an identification check is needed for this. With the online identification in the SwissID app, this is done quickly with a few clicks.

  • Moritz uses the app for the first time without connecting to a health partner. He finds the "heyFamily function" great; his whole family keeps their health appointments in heyPatient. When Moritz has to go to hospital for an operation, he uses the digital connection and completes the necessary identification check with just a few clicks.

Throughout the patient journey, there are numerous forms and questionnaires that are provided by the app at the most convenient time: Questions about the state of health prior to a treatment appointment, a pain protocol or the declaration of consent before an operation.

  • This is also the case with Moritz: He can read through the information about the operation, the information protocol and the consent form at his leisure. By clicking on "I agree", he confirms his consent.

As a digital health companion, we enable the "digital connection" with health partners: registration, enrolment, appointments and much more - very simple, highly secure and paperless.

With this interaction between health partners and app users, data worthy of protection is exchanged on the one hand.

On the other hand, health partners must be able to trust that their digital counterpart is really the person in question. For security against data misuse. This is ensured with level 1 (online identification) of SwissID.

Level 2: Personal Appearance

With the first connections to the Electronic Patient Records (EPR), we will soon also enable access to the EPR via app. This access requires increased security.

Security level 2 is also required for the qualified electronic signature with increased requirements.


Thanks to the integrated SwissID, we can ensure the digital support of patients with different security requirements, in line with the interactions selected by the patient, securely, simply and with intuitive use.

From app use without data exchange to data viewing in the EPD. This is what heyPatient offers.

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