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Patient-Centered - of Course (?)

The active role of patients is essential for the success of treatment. If they themselves become active, patients can make more targeted use of medical expertise, participate in decisions on further action and benefit optimally from finely tuned, individually tailored treatment paths.

A culture in patient care based on participation, which places the individual at the centre and thus leaves behind the historical relationship of passive patients to the medical professional, is increasingly becoming the standard.

This requires appropriate work processes, communication channels and shared data access. Here, the current infrastructure and existing software often still lags behind. Increased requirements for data protection and data security do not make things easier.

Moreover, not all patients are the same: by far not everyone can and wants to identify with an active role. Some feel passively more secure, others hesitate at the beginning of an illness, but then acquire a high level of health competence in the course of treatment and decide increasingly more actively on the further course of treatment.

These differences must be considered with sensitivity.


Patient-centered solutions allow patients to decide for themselves what role they want to play in the course of treatment. In such a solution, for example, medical content is available in an easily understandable form, mobile, digital and thus 24/7, and is individually tailored to the patient.

Patients can thus use this

  • consult" several times;

  • share with the familiar support environment;

  • use to answer questions (which usually appear a few days after the meeting with the doctor);

  • ensure proper follow-up (medication intake; physio exercises, etc.)

Our Contribution

heyPatient supports service providers to complement their patient-centered treatment culture with digital offers. Treatment teams can provide patient- and treatment-specific data, information or instructions for secure 24/7 access.

What is made possible by this?

Patients can see everything important at a glance and can thus play an active role in their own course of disease.

heyPatient enables digital 1:1 communication between doctor and patient. With the connection to the Swiss electronic patient dossier (EPD) heyPatient will be an easy to use frontend for everyone.

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