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Optimize your appointment management to the next-level

Updated: May 3

With heyPatient, you benefit not only from automated e-registration, e-registration and securely delivered appointment requests with comprehensive patient support, but also from additional options for efficient appointment management.

Self-service for patients -> Simplification and Efficiency for everyone involved

Thanks to FHIR-based appointment requests, bookings and confirmations, your patients can manage appointments independently, without time-consuming phone calls or manual processes.

With heyPatient, for example, patients can digitally confirm the time of an operation the day before. Your staff can view the appointment confirmation directly in the hospital information system (HIS) and can use their time to care for patients instead of making phone calls.

Bidirectional appointment sync thanks to FHIR

Hospital software manufacturers (CIS, RIS, LIS, ERP etc) that use the international FHIR standard have a clear advantage.

heyPatient offers a standardised FHIR API as well as FHIR clients for various hospital systems such as Ines, Timerbee, KISIM, SAP IS-H, Microsoft Navision/Business Central, Nexus, Digisono, Coris or for integration platforms such as WSO2, Microsoft Biztalk, Orchestra etc.

This integration enables seamless data exchange between heyPatient and your internal systems, which increases efficiency and minimises internal administrative work.

For example, at Baden Cantonal Hospital, which enables patients to book appointments for specific services. For operations, the definitive admission time is sent to the app the day before, with a request for appointment confirmation, which in turn is sent directly to Kisim.

The surgery planning tool Timerbee allows patients to reschedule planned anaesthesia consultations at the Merian Iselin Clinic to a later date.

For this purpose, Timerbee offers alternative dates when the appointment is made and identifies the appropriate time slots. This is anything but trivial in a clinic setting. This generates significantly higher patient satisfaction and reduces the number of phone calls requesting rescheduling.

Interoperability as the Solution Standard

heyPatient provides implemented interoperability as the standard.

Use our API-based FHIR services now to easily realize your digitization projects.

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