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Hospital building without a reception desk? Sure!

On the path to digital transformation, new opportunities for more flexibility are emerging - also in building use. The focus is always on the patient experience.

Initial situation

As part of the new hospital construction at the Cantonal Hospital Baden, a second partner building was built, which will house, among other things, physiotherapy, the outpatient clinic of the paediatric clinic, the internal medicine consultation, the outpatient clinic of the paediatric clinic, the coagulation consultation, infectiology, psycho-oncology and the vascular, pain and tumour centres on seven floors. External partners such as ETH Zurich, the Swiss Transfusion SRC Aargau-Solothurn Foundation and other service providers as well as KSB offices can also be found in the new building...


Ideally, the new Partnerhaus II should be able to operate without a reception desk with patient administration right from the start. How could this be implemented in a patient-centred way?


A digital patient reception welcomes patients, accompanies them digitally and directs them to the right place. In order for this to be possible, patients should be able to register web-based, independent of location, and receive identification for an on-site self-check-in at partner hospital II.

If, from the patient administration's point of view, open questions still need to be clarified on admission, the patient in question should be asked to report to the main building.

Use should be as simple as possible, with or without a heyPatient account. Also for users which don't use the heyPatient App.


The implementation of the virtual reception with self-check-in was initially planned with user guidance via a terminal. For space and fire safety reasons, this was abandoned.

In the reception area, a "Welcome" sign now indicates the virtual reception and the KSB app as a digital companion in everyday health care. With the app, a check-in can be done with a click of a button.

The web-based, digital companion starts with the scan of the QR code provided, which leads patients to the welcome page, showing a picture of the new partner house.

A virtual receptionist greets patients in Swiss German. The KSB offers in the new building are displayed.

Self-check-in can be carried out in just a few steps.

Patient support and -guidance

As usual with heyPatient, the Self Check-in Service offers patients user guidance in 17 languages.

The website also shows the next staffed patient reception desk and offers immediate navigation with Google Maps.

Online registration at short notice is also possible at any time and the desired contact options are displayed.

And what happens in the background?

As soon as a self check-in has been successfully carried out, a status change is made in the ERP so that the staff are informed that the patient is in the building.

If clarifications are still open in the patient administration, for which the patient must come to the manned counter, this is displayed, with navigation to the main building.

Functionality - as a service

The new functionality can also be used at other KSB locations.

When the new service is activated in heyPortal, it generates the QR code as the starting point for patient guidance. Further content, such as the building image, can be easily configured.

Simplify healthcare

Relieving staff, automating processes, building use without a mandatory patient administration desk: where would you like to simplify?

Contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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