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Highest usage of Microsoft for Healthcare in Switzerland

The Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare provides healthcare data management capabilities at scale, making it easier for healthcare organizations to improve the patient experience, coordinate care and increase operational efficiency while supporting end-to-end security, compliance and interoperability of healthcare data.

Healthcare providers benefit from guaranteed end-to-end security and compliance of healthcare data.

Microsoft cloud for Healthcare - with heyPatient

heyPatient is the largest user of Microsoft for Healthcare in Switzerland

As a leading provider for the digitalization and automation of patient-oriented processes with the highest level of data security, heyPatient is the largest user of Microsoft for Healthcare in Switzerland.

We rely on dedicated FHIR agents per service provider, both for test and productive environments.

We also use the Microsoft Teams collaboration platform with communication channels, heyPortal access and heyAcademy training materials to ensure effective collaboration.

In addition, we offer further service provider-dedicated services in the secure Microsoft Azure Swiss Cloud.

heyPatient bietet einfachste Automatisierung von patienten-gerichteten Prozessen. Nahtlos integriert in das Microsoft Ökosystem
heyPatient integriert im Microsoft Ökosystem

Highest performance and security - Sophisticated business tools - Flexibly expandable

Our platform is integrated into the Microsoft universe, allowing you to benefit from maximum performance and security as well as the simple integration of proven business tools such as PowerBI, PowerApps and virtual agents.

In addition, we use Single Sign-On (SSO) to enable employees to log in easily and securely with their existing internal login data.

This not only ensures smooth and efficient authentication, but also ensures that access is automatically interrupted as soon as an employee leaves the company (Active Directory).

Our platform also offers flexibility in terms of expansion so that it can be perfectly tailored to your individual requirements

Start now with process automation and transform yourself into a digitally accessible service provider. With maximum security.

Discover today how heyPatient can optimize your patient-centric processes and let's create a healthier future together.

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