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Welcome to the heyPatient Advisory, Dr. med. Markus von der Groeben

We are delighted to welcome Dr. med. Markus von der Groeben to our Advisory Board.

Markus is head of surgery at the hospital in Muri AG and an official bariatric surgeon as a reference centre for the Swiss recognised bariatric centres of the SMOB.

He is an instructor for the basic course in laparoscopic surgery at the University Hospital Basel.

In addition, he is a lecturer for the student courses for medical students held at Muri Hospital.

Markus is also the owner of the company "ClinicAdvisor von der Groeben", which offers medical consulting for clinics in process optimisation and internet applications and has developed the obesity app "Agrundo" as its own product.

Markus started his residency in surgery at the cantonal hospital in Baden, then at the Limmattal hospital, where he also became a senior physician.

His further stations were as a senior physician at Muri Hospital and then back at Limmattal Hospital.

At both places he dealt specifically with bariatrics and was then responsible for bariatrics for 2 years at the University Hospital Basel as senior physician for visceral surgery. He was then head physician for visceral surgery at the Cantonal Hospital Baselland, where he was in charge of the obesity centre, and has now been working as head physician for surgery at Muri Hospital since 2018.

Markus von der Groeben, MD, will further strengthen the heyPatient Advisory.

Markus' focus lies in particular in the development of specialist "CarePath": Subject-specific, partially automated, patient-centred, interdisciplinary treatment pathways.

Thanks to his profound expertise, we will further develop the new heyPatient functionality in the bariatric area, among others, in a needs-oriented manner.

We are extremely pleased to welcome Markus to the Advisory Team.

Welcome to heyPatient, Markus =) !

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