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Together for the well-being of our little heroes and heroines! 🏥👦👧

As a strategic partner of the University Children's Hospital Zurich in the "LifeHealingNow" consortium with Medgate and docbox we are delighted to be developing and providing a digital "carefree package" for emergencies at the University Children's Hospital.

Our young patients' journey begins with the Medgate app, which acts as a digital starting point for (emergency) triage via Kidsline. 80% of cases can be dealt with directly or referred to paediatricians.

For the 20% of cases that require emergency treatment, as well as all planned cases, the brand new Kispi app from heyPatient digitises patient care and increases process automation: simple, paperless admission, appointments and everything important automated directly on the app. Information on upcoming treatments, reminders and inbox messages accompany young patients through their journey at Kispi.

This will reduce the workload for staff, cut costs and ensure that patients are better prepared and informed.

As an additional relief, the Top20 referring physicians are digitally integrated. Automated document provision is seamless for all parties involved, including patients via the Kispi app.

In the second phase of the project, the interprofessional project and expert team will define further, Kispi-specific functionalities for the further development of the app for release planning in the new year.

We are very much looking forward to working with the children's hospital and providing solutions as part of the consortium: Together - until the children are well.

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