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Post and heyPatient plan partnership for the health care sector

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

In future, heyPatient will be available as a value-added service on "CUORE - the Swiss healthcare platform" of Swiss Post.

Service providers already benefit from a comprehensive offer: with Cuore they receive a networking platform with attractive services that can be used modularly and flexibly. These will also include digital patient interaction with heyPatient.

Why this partnership?

Healthcare providers can obtain managed services from the secure digital platform Cuore according to their needs. The focus is on offers that simplify the daily work between service providers. (B2B)

Patient services round off the offer on Cuore. This is exactly where heyPatient comes in: The solution digitalises and automates the patient-centred processes (B2C) for service providers.

Better patient interaction throughout the entire treatment pathway

Swiss Post and heyPatient are convinced that the planned alliance will improve cooperation between service providers and patients, for example from online registration to digital medical history and virtual consultations.

Thanks to this strong package, service providers should save resources and be able to concentrate on their medical competences and thus on the care of patients on their treatment path.

Attractive offer for healthcare regions

The combination of a networking platform, digital services and automated patient interaction will provide new opportunities for health regions. With the branded app of heyPatient, health partners as well as citizens are digitally accessible, networked with each other and informed about everything important at any time.

Matthias Spuehler, CEO of heyPatient, is pleased about the future cooperation:

The partnership will make possible exactly what has long been needed and desired in the Swiss healthcare system: Simplest, seamless interoperability with process-integrated patients.

What exactly does Cuore offer?

Cuore is aimed at all healthcare stakeholders who are looking for an easy-to-use and secure solution for better healthcare.

The connection to the networking platform offers new ways of integrated care across the entire treatment pathway, for example from consultation with patients via telemedicine using tablets, smartphones or computers to the trustworthy and encrypted digital transfer of structured and unstructured medical data to other service providers to the secure digital exchange of image data, expecially DICOM-data.

The work in connection with the EPR will also be simplified in future thanks to Cuore: when service providers send documents to other health professionals via Cuore, the EPR gateway can make them available automatically and validated several times in the EPRs of the patients concerned.

In short, service providers benefit from a steadily growing range of future-oriented value-added services and components and, thanks to simple connection, from a reduction in complexity in their own IT landscape.

What does heyPatient offer?

Paperless registration, on-site check-in, appointment requests with additional information directly on the app, online booking, navigation and in-app purchases:

With heyPatient, service providers automate their patient-oriented processes, significantly reduce costs, relieve internal staff and benefit from well-informed patients.

The patient-centred, open solution can be integrated into internal systems in a very short time thanks to HL7 FHIR. This automates patient interaction and ensures that the right information is in the right place at the right time.

In this way, patients and their treatment are always at the centre of attention, while at the same time healthcare staff are relieved.

The solution-integrated, 16-language app is available free of charge in the stores and, in addition to extensive functionalities and an attractive design, offers the secure SwissID login, the simple integration of the personal care network and the service of a digital health companion. This means that care providers can be confident that the app will be used in everyday life and will not be deleted immediately after a hospital stay.

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