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Patient portal at the touch of a button

Complex projects are a thing of the past.

With the Next Generation Patient Portal from heyPatient, your comprehensive patient management is ready in no time at all. The established standard provides you with proven “mobile first” and web-based functionalities.

You benefit from effective process digitization and automation, which massively simplifies and significantly reduces costs.

Start the digital transformation now and reduce your costs quickly and noticeably. The time is now.

Comprehensive Patient Portal at the push of a button
Next Generation Patient Portal from heyPatient: Simple activation and comprehensive functions. In 17 languages

Modular functionality. Flexible connection. Quick to set up.

The simple connection of the portal enables you to implement a comprehensive, patient-centered solution that meets the highest data security and compliance requirements in the shortest possible time.

Proven and market-tested.

Complex projects are a thing of the past - with heyPatient, you can rely on a proven solution that keeps its promises.

Simple deployment. Intuitive use. Highly efficient functionalities.

Our “as a service” approach makes the deployment of heyPatient uncomplicated and efficient. You can immediately enjoy the benefits of heyPatient: paperless registration, appointment requests directly on the app, automated patient guidance with notifications, reminders, instructions, navigation and self-check-in and much more:

The standard solution scope is comprehensive and easily adaptable to your needs.

Patient-centered functionality with powerful automation to save cost and improve efficiency: This is heyPatient.

Reduce costs now. Time for your patients again thanks to automation

Effective process automation allows you to use your time to care for your patients and benefit from effective cost reductions at the same time.

Start now

Experience the future of patient management today with heyPatient. Simplify your processes, increase patient satisfaction, and decide today in favor of significantly lower operating costs.

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