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Patient administration: Are you still typing or are you already heyPatienting?

With heyPatient web admission, you offer your patients a user-friendly way to register digitally for treatment. Integrated into your website, in 17 languages and with intuitive user guidance.

No more tedious typing of patient master data and queues in an emergency - use our innovative solution to automate your admission process and make it more efficient.

Complete, pre-checked and basic plausible master data provided in your ERP

We check and validate the data entries while guiding the patient through the query fields you have configured. After user confirmation that the data entered is correct, complete and up-to-date, the app displays your legal information on admission (T&C), which must be accepted in order for the registration to be completed.

Optionally, we offer a PDF summary with all the data entered, the accepted legal information and a timestamp, provided via FHIR API and with automated dispatch to the patient's email address.

Maximum ease of e-admission for patients with heyPatient

Patients can enter their data quickly and easily via a web browser, whether on a smartphone, PC or tablet, regardless of their location.

The simple insurance card scan with automatic data recognition, the principle of data minimization (employer query only mandatory for registration reason “accident”) and auto-complete functionalities inspire users.

Are you still typing or are you already heyPatienting? Integrated web registration: user-friendly, fast, system-integrated. Start now!

Flexibly expandable

In addition to web registration, we offer further functionalities such as a check-in, self-service terminal or comprehensive patient support via the heyPatient app. Would you like your own heyPatient-branded app in the stores? Contact us, we look forward to discussing your requirements.

Headach-free system integration in the shortest possible time

Thanks to our HL7 FHIR interface, data is integrated quickly and seamlessly into your ERP, whether via ready-to-use modules/interfaces to SAP, Navision via an integration platform or directly.

Data retrieval and registration journey easily configurable

Our system can be flexibly customized. Define registration reasons, instruction interaction, bookable services and branding elements according to your needs. You store the legal information for entry once, which must be accepted before the registration process can be completed.

Provided at the touch of a button. Ready for immediate use

Mit wenigen Klicks konfigurieren Sie Abfragefelder, Patienteninteraktion und Branding-Elemente. Wir generieren Ihre neue, systemintegrierte Web-Anmeldung mit passender URL, QR-Code und iFrame-Code.

So einfach geht heyPatient :)

Start your automated patient admission now

Profit from digitization and automation - ensure cost savings and increased efficiency.

With market-tested, proven functionality that already processes 85% of all patient registrations digitally in other hospitals. Soon for you too?

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