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New features

We've expanded our functionality modules. Enjoy the new options both in the app and in the heyPortal (our content management system) to accompany your patients even better digitally.

Tasks & Notes

Tasklists are the little helpers in everyday life.

Whether checking the preparatory packing list, getting supplementary information or filling out the exit questionnaire - everything has to be thought of and something can easily be forgotten.

With the module "Tasks & Notes" you can store notes and tasks in heyPortal, so that they're activated per appointment type and displayed directly in the app at the time of your choice. In this way, you can accompany your patients in preparation for the appointment.

Forms can be filled out early, any necessary preliminary clarifications can be made in good time, and a few days before the appointment, the organisation of the return journey is pointed out.

If it is more important, you can leave an additional reminder. If a note or task has not been marked as "completed" by the reminder deadline, the app will remind you of the pending matter again.

Thanks to reminders and perhaps with the help of "heyFamily", nothing is forgotten and you benefit from the fact that, for example, completed forms are available digitally in good time at the clinic and your patients arrive at the appointment well prepared.


Important communication at a glance, that's what the Inbox offers.

Messages related to tasks or notices are displayed here, a communication on other topics or even a provided, digital invoice copy.

Messages can be archived by topic so that they are always at hand.

heyApps - 3rd Party Services a click away

With the new "heyApps" you benefit from third-party functionalities - simple and uncomplicated as a Service.

One example is the questionnaires from our partner Sublimd. Simply activate the Sublimd function in the heyPortal and use the Sublimd product range including automated pre-amnesis. .

The digital questionnaires can be provided automatically along the patient journey per appointment type at the desired time, with or without task and a message in the inbox.

If desired, you can also use the Sublimd functionality for patients without the heyPatient app, web-based or on-site on a tablet.

Talk to us for the easiest possible provision and seamless integration into your internal processes.

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