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Mission: Making the healthcare system more efficient

The Swiss FOUNDED magazine featured heyPatient AG in their latest issue, highlighting our role in taking the healthcare sector towards digitization. Tired of filling out countless papers manually during every doctor's visit? heyPatient AG is here to change that. We automate administrative processes to ensure that clinic services remain consistent even during personnel shortages. 📱 👩‍⚕️

Big thanks to Niwes Willner for the well-crafted portrait!

We're excited to share the article with all of you:

heyPatient's patient-centered solution puts patients and their stories at the forefront. Thanks to this Health-Tech company, patients are better informed, and healthcare professionals are simultaneously relieved.

The idea for founding heyPatient originated in 2019 when the youngest son of the founders, Regula and Matthias Spuehler, ended up in the emergency room with a broken arm. There, they realized they had to manually fill out multiple forms on paper. To their surprise, they had to fill out the same documents again during the follow-up, and when they asked for the X-ray images, the doctor suggested taking a photo with their mobile phone. This experience led them to recognize the potential for highly automating and digitizing the doctor-patient interaction. And so, heyPatient was born.

The goal of heyPatient's founding is to automate administrative processes in healthcare institutions to such an extent that clinic services remain consistent even during personnel shortages. This enhances the patient experience and simultaneously relieves healthcare personnel. For instance, hospitals can enable web registration through their company website—a small step towards digitization that can significantly save costs. Importantly, heyPatient ensures that hospital or clinic staff don't have to operate another program; instead, existing systems are directly connected to heyPatient.

Patient satisfaction is a key focus

The app provides patients with essential information for admission, including relevant contact details. Additionally, it allows patients to view their own medical history. Medical content and complex documents, such as lab reports, are presented in an understandable format and transmitted via the app. "We are currently working to validate our artificial intelligence, which translates and explains typically complex lab reports in a 'patient-friendly' manner," explains Regula.

The digital treatment path in the heyPatient app is tailored individually to each patient.

Patients with chronic illnesses also benefit from the new possibilities offered by heyPatient. They usually have a limited number of reimbursed visits to their primary care physician per year and often have many medical questions. Through the app, a digital care or automated treatment path can be offered, allowing patients to plan their visits to the primary care physician more easily, while doctors can provide better care with less effort.

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Gründung: October 2019

Phase: Growth-Stage (growth/internationalization phase)

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