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Inspiring Digital Health Day

The Digital Health Day organised by Swiss Healthcare Startups in Zurich was once again a successful event full of inspiring presentations and content.

Insight into the founding phase

Among other things, Co-Founder and CEO Marcel Napierala (Swiss Medbase Group) offered a look back at the companys' beginning, the times as a start-up and the challenges of the build-up phase.

The journey was wonderfully illustrated with the living room photo and vividly described by Marcel Napierala. Several times "a few days before bankruptcy" and each time it went on again.

With the entry of the big partner Migros more than 10 years ago, the scale-up really took off and today Medbase is a strong market player.

Conclusion of the insight

The path to success is always fraught with risks. Therefore:

The biggest risk is not taking any

What is needed for success?

Innovations and the digital transformation in the health sector only take place when risks are taken and new things are tried out. This requires courage and trust.

Initiatives such as the KSB Health Innovation Hub exemplify this and are pioneers in the market, thanks to which new things can be launched in the healthcare market.

Many thanks to KSB, our partners, investors and friends&family.

ScaleUp Outlook

After this inspiration, the question: Who will be the Migros of heyPatient?

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