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How can an App simplify the healthcare journey?

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Whether sick or healthy, health appointments are important and need to be organised. Forms have to be filled out, insurance and contact details have to be updated, questions often arise and sometimes an appointment cannot be kept without proper preparation.

All this happens at different times before a treatment appointment even takes place. During and after an illness or a procedure, some things repeat themselves right away.

How we simplify

Paperless registration and admission, appointment invitation directly to the smartphone with important additional information on preparation, treatment and/or aftercare help patients to be well prepared and well informed.

What does that mean in concrete terms?

  • Automated reminders and additional information (e.g. start of fasting phase)

  • Digitally provided forms for organisation around appointments

  • Direct contact numbers available at all times

  • Videos of the team or of a treatment for preliminary insights

  • Packing lists and help (link to taxi reservations, helpful websites)

  • and much more

"heyFamily" because people care

Because things often work better together, we have developed the "heyFamily" function. This makes it possible to share a common view of everything that is important.

  • Family members, neighbours or even carers can support each other in everyday life.

How much does the App cost?


The app is available to users free of charge in the stores. It is important to us that every man and woman can simplify their daily health routine and support others with "heyFamily" if necessary.

What does the App offer?

The app organises appointments, keeps everything important at hand at all times and enables digital interaction with health care providers.

In the personal dossier, the app saves and generates a digital version of the insurance card(s) and keeps important documents and allergies ready, as well as emergency contacts and much more.

The app speaks 15 languages including Swiss German =)

What about security?

From the SwissID login to data storage in Switzerland and encrypted data transmission, we have designed our solution to meet the highest data protection and data security requirements.

  • If you share data ("heyFamily" or digital connection with health partners), you will be informed of this in advance by the app;

  • The transmission of data is encrypted - in a separate transmission channel for each health partner;

  • The data is securely stored in the Swiss Microsoft Azure Cloud.

How can service providers connect to heyPatient?

Via ready-made modules (Microsoft Navision DynamicMED, Polypoint as well as KISIM), via HL7 FHIR interface or integration platform.

heyPatient can be subscribed to "as a service" at low cost:

With heyPatient, costs for expensive in-house developments can be saved and patient interaction simplified and improved at the same time.

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