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heyPatient in the Ticino newspaper "l'Osservatore"

On the subject of "Digital pioneers in Switzerland", the Ticino newspaper L'Osservatore dedicated an article to heyPatient entitled "Networking for modernisation in the health sector".

The interview took place shortly before the end of the year in Lugano with Mr C. Bianchi Porro.

Thank you, Mr. Bianchi Porro for the very pleasant conversation and the insight into our solution that we were able to provide.

We feel very honoured by the poetic title

"Chi è bello, è bello solo per il tempo che lo si guarda / ma chi è virtuoso sarà subito anche bello." (Saffo)

We are at a loss for words. We can only thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your work, for the interview, your time and the comprehensive insight into our story, the first idea and todays' solution you give L'Osservatore readers.

Grazie mille!

If you would like to read the whole article (from page 8) please click below:

L'Osservatore heyPatient 08.01.2022
Download PDF • 3.43MB

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