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heyPatient graduates - ByeBye Microsoft Startup

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

After two years in the Microsoft Startup Programme, we are now already a Startup Alumni. On 27.5.2022 we celebrated our "Graduation Day" and toasted to two eventful years.

A hug "Thank You" to the Microsoft Startup Team for the strong partnership and the unbelievably great support during this whole time. Here's to a continued successful cooperation!


After various pitch decks, an extensive application and several interviews, we were accepted into the Microsoft Startup Programme on 27.05.2020.

This was a crucial enabler for building our solution, as it gave us the following support, among other things:

  • USD 120'000 in Azure Cloud Credits

  • Azure Support, mit teilweise dedizierten Ansprechpartner

  • Office 365 Business Standard - 10 seats (im ersten Jahr)

  • GibHub Enterprise monthly subscription - 40 seats

  • PowerBI Pro, Power Apps, Power Automate, Visual Studio enterprise (während einem Jahr)

  • Startup Member Betreuung und diverse Netzwerk-Anlässe

This foundation allowed us to develop a solution architecture from the beginning, which is multi-trust provider capable, allows a fast scale-up if needed and does not require any compromises in IT security and data protection. With GitHub and the other Office products such as Office 365, we were also able to set up the internal organisation professionally right from the start.

Many thanks

Thanks to the Startup Programme, we have been able to move from our infancy into the adult world in the last two years.

In the meantime, our solution has long been in productive use, we have already acquired four customers and our offerings are available worldwide in the Microsoft Azure Store. We have already received the first enquiries from overseas.

Even more important for us is the partnership at eye level.

Therefore, many thanks to the many people in the extensive Microsoft team with whom we have already had the pleasure of working and whom we will get to know in the future!

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