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hey baby

Dear community,

Today we would like to share a very special moment with you and congratulate our valued employee, Jürgen Link, on his new title as grandfather!

Little Kai was born recently and has inherited the wonderful qualities that characterize Jürgen as a person - coziness, humor and fun with challenges.

We are very happy with Jürgen about the sweet Kai, who poses proudly and like a pro in the heyPatient onesie with hat.

Anyone who knows Jürgen appreciates his calm demeanor, his sense of humor and his well-founded experience, which ensures ingeniously simple solutions. His relaxed charisma is not only valued in the heyPatient team.

Now these special properties have been passed on to the next generation. Jürgen will now be a little less accessible in the future, instead giving his grandson and the whole family unforgettable memories.

We are excited with Jürgen and his family about this special moment of happiness.

Dear Juergen,

We congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts and would like to express our sincere thanks. Your experience and knowledge have significantly helped to create and shape the foundation of heyPatient. Your humorous, calm and always confident manner not only enriches our team, but will now also inspire the following generation.

We are grateful to have you on our team!

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