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Digital Sovereignty

The sovereign handling of data in the digital world is not a matter of course. Fast, secure access to up-to-date data in an emergency is essential for everyone involved, especially in healthcare.

We are proud to be part of the Innovate Switzerland - community. Its members share an important goal: To promote the responsible use of data and cloud technology and to strengthen Switzerland's innovative power in the digital age.

At its core, digital sovereignty is not just about protecting data or technological independence - it's about unlocking the full potential of data-based innovations and preserving self-determination.

Today, Wednesday, May 10th, 2023, Innovate Switzerland published a first position paper. The six fields of action proposed by the community are outlined in the position paper: Switzerland's digital sovereignty as follows:

  1. Establish governance model for data sovereignty: Switzerland can leverage its strong data protection standards and diverse ecosystem of institutions to become a leader in data innovation and arbitration.

  2. Strengthen international reach and cooperation: Switzerland can use its data infrastructure expertise to shape global digitalization standards and practices in collaboration with other actors.

  3. Set up a forward-looking regulation: A public strategic foresight system is a way to identify and assess new digital technologies and their impacts in a timely and unbiased manner, avoiding harmful or restrictive regulations and enabling their safe and beneficial use.

  4. Prioritize the digitalization of public authorities: Switzerland must train its public actors in key technologies and link them with existing processes to become an expert in digitalizing administration and enhance its legal framework and competence level. This ensures trust and credibility.

  5. Build up a digital democracy: To build a better digital society, technology needs to be used creatively and responsibly to engage and educate people in policymaking and science, and to ensure transparency and accountability.

  6. Ensure the resilience of critical operating systems: Switzerland must ensure the reliability and resilience of its critical system components, such as digital infrastructure, energy-grid, workforce, and legal and policy framework, to cope with various challenges like cyberattacks, public health crises or energy transition.

We are pleased to be able to bring our healthcare expertise into the discussion and make a contribution to digitally sovereign Switzerland within a strong and powerful community, sharing a joint vision.

Some impressions from todays' launch:

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