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The Cantonal Hospital Baden participates in heyPatient

Updated: May 12, 2021

Medienmitteilung KSB heyPatient
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The Kantonsspital Baden (KSB) becomes a partner in heyPatient AG. The Zurich-based start-up has developed a digital platform that simplifies the many interactions between the hospital and patients. The heyPatient app is to become a digital companion throughout the Swiss healthcare system. To achieve this goal, KSB and heyPatient will jointly develop this integrative solution.

A jointly implemented pilot project in the gynaecological clinic of the KSB with digital registration and appointment invites led to pleasing results. The KSB therefore decided to take a financial stake in the Winterthur-based digital health start-up. This approach is in line with the strategy of the KSB Health Innovation Hub, which the KSB founded in summer 2018.

The KSB Health Innovation Hub offers young entrepreneurs the opportunity to further develop their ideas in a clinical environment and bring them to market maturity. This is happening not least against the backdrop of the new building that KSB will be moving into in just over two years.

"The new building will bring with it a realignment of our processes and procedures, in which the focus will be even more on the patient. These changes require us to develop and implement new solutions," says KSB CEO Adrian Schmitter. This is precisely where the heyPatient app comes in: It simplifies the many interactions between doctors, nursing, administration and patients.

For example, the platform makes it possible to arrange hospital and doctor's appointments, including information on preparation, treatment and aftercare for patients. This information and other health data can be shared with family members, which simplifies support and care by relatives. Similarly, one's own health data can be shared with the hospital or attending physician before the appointment even starts.

"heyPatient increases the efficiency of processes, makes it easier for patients to prepare and improves the quality of follow-up care," says Matthias Spuehler, who founded heyPatient together with his wife Regula. "The app not only supports patients in hospital, but acts as a digital health companion in everyday life for all people, whether sick or healthy."

Further functions are available for this purpose, such as the documentation of personal medical history and, in further expansion, a health diary or the recording of the course of pain. Connection to the planned electronic patient dossier (EPD) will also be possible, as will linking with wearables such as the Apple Watch.

KSB CEO Adrian Schmitter: "We are convinced that heyPatient as a digital and integrated solution has the potential to set new standards in healthcare. That's why we decided to invest in heyPatient AG."

Further information:

We look forward to our continued collaboration: Benedikt Niederer (Head of Corporate Development KSB), Max Grimm (Manager KSB Health Innovation Hub), Regula and Matthias Spühler (COO and CEO heyPatient), KSB lawyer Claudia Wyss and KSB CEO Adrian Schmitter (from left).

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