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CHF 3.4 Mio Cost Savings thanks to heyPatient - with only one of our functionalities

We are looking back and our customers are excited:

97'392 appointments have already been sent out with heyPatient.

What does "Sending appointment with heyPatient" mean exactly?

Sending appointments via heyPatient includes:

  • appointment-invite on the app, shown on the personal timeline

  • Automated reminders for preparation, the appointment, and possibly aftercare

  • Information such as videos or a packing list

  • Navigation to the appointment

  • Automated adjustments for rescheduling

  • Automated messages before and after the appointment with important information

  • Automated reminders

  • Display of fasting periods

  • Visibility for heyFamily to support through the personal care network

What's the value and cost saving for healthcare providers?

First and foremost a eine significant relief of healthcare staff from administrative tasks. Plus:

  • Elimination of paper, printing, and postage costs

  • Reduction in callbacks, inquiries, multiple instructions

  • No need for personal patient navigation to the appointment

  • Automated patient confirmation the day before surgery appointments

  • Better-prepared and informed patients, at the right time and place

  • Reduction of "No Shows"

  • Resulting in better operational planning, increased efficiency, and reliability in patient guidance and information

These savings were estimated at CHF 35.00 per appointment at Kantonsspital Baden.*

Matthias Spuehler, CEO heyPatient, is pleased:

Through the 97,392 appointments sent with heyPatient alone, our customers have saved approximately CHF 3.4 million so far.

Time is Money, also in Patient Administration

Digital registration via the app has been productive since June 2020.

Since May 2023, heyPatient has introduced web registration to the market for easy integration into the company's website, with direct data delivery to the ERP.

Kantonsspital Baden as well as Merian Iselin Klinik use web registration and are pleased that they have already benefited from 2,794 automated registrations with pre-checked, complete, and accurate master data delivered directly into their ERP system.

Luka Vranjes, CTO of heyPatient, says: "With a minimum saving of 5 minutes per web-registration, this new functionality already brought a relief to patient administration by 233 hours. We're excited to see how the useage increases month by month."

Would you like to significantly save costs, alleviate your staff, and enhance patient satisfaction?

Activate heyPatient now: Easy and as a Service.

Thanks to the simplest system integration and automated functionalities, you'll benefit in no time.

When will you start putting the brakes on costs in healthcare?

*This only considers 1 case per patient, so it's a very conservative estimate. Various studies project a higher potential for savings, such as this study by McKinsey and ETH Zurich. As part of the Innosuisse SHIFT Projektes, we're developing a scientifically grounded toolkit with a simple calculation of the benefits of digital solutions like heyPatient.

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