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Best Practice for Maximum Benefit

How does heyPatient use global best practice to revolutionise healthcare?

Best Practice for Highest Value

Since its foundation, heyPatient has focussed on HL7 FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) for simple integration and system compatibility and open standards. One example of this is openEHR for standardised data management.

Why is this important?

The average hospital uses around 200 different applications. These range from billing systems (ERP) and clinical information systems (CIS) to radiology information systems (RIS), laboratory information systems (LIS), surgical planning systems and various other applications, including medical technology applications.

The diversity and complexity of these systems makes data exchange and end-to-end patient journeys considerably more difficult.

Best Practice

What HL7 FHIR offers

HL7 FHIR promotes simple and fast data exchange in the healthcare sector worldwide through the development and exchange of standards for the interoperability of health information technology.

What openEHR offers

openEHR frees service providers from isolated data silos and vendor lock-in for standardised data management. This includes a product-independent, standardised query language and tools for rapid application development.

What heyPatient offers

With heyPatient, it doesn't matter how many systems are in use or which HIS is used, because our solution architecture is patient-centred, compatible and open.

We maintain our own Master Patient Index (the heyID) and offer digital patient support that is person-centred and offers significantly more than solutions that are fixed to institutions or individual systems.

Maximum Benefit

With heyPatient you benefit from:

  • Investment protection: Existing systems can be easily integrated and thus continue to be used.

  • Simple, open further development: New technologies and applications, including those from external third-party providers, can be easily integrated.

  • Best Practice - as a Service: At the touch of a button, you can activate your desired functionalities, which are market-tested and continuously developed in a user-orientated manner together with our customers - the heyCommunity.

Maximum benefit for everyone: This is heyPatient

Aims of heyPatient

Our main goal is to optimise and simplify processes in the healthcare sector. This not only enables more efficient workflows and significant cost savings, but also significantly improved patient experiences and better patient care.

OpenEHR: The next step in data management

OpenEHR represents the next stage in the development of standardised data management in the healthcare sector. At the first symposium in Bern on 27 May 2024, exciting insights were provided and valuable networking between stakeholders took place.

One outstanding example of the successful use of OpenEHR is the ‘OneLondon’ project. Together with our technology partner Better Care, ‘OneLondon’ shows how standardised data management can transform the healthcare sector.

Further information on this project can be found here: OneLondon and Better Care.

With heyPatient and the use of HL7 FHIR and OpenEHR, we are creating the basis for future-proof, interoperable and patient-friendly healthcare IT.

Get started now

It's also very easy: As a solution integrated into the Microsoft ecosystem, heyPatient can be easily switched on and activated as part of your existing Microsoft contract:

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