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Another app ?! The question is justified.

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

This also applies to apps in the health sector. If I don't actually want to go to hospital, I want to use an app even less. Especially nowadays, when hospital stays are getting shorter and shorter.

How is it possible to replace today's flood of paper with digital solutions that offer added value to patients and service providers?

Mobile Health Companion - in all phases of life

Whether paediatrician appointments, dental hygiene or annual check-ups: health appointments are part of everyday life. Preventive check-ups and vaccinations should be planned and carried out. The insurance card, important documents on previous treatments or information on allergies and intolerances are always needed.

All this applies when we are healthy.

In case of illness, there is a lot more to take into account, and before, during and after a hospital stay, there is a lot of important information, appointments and forms to consider.

A digital health companion that keeps everything important ready at all times and everywhere, organises appointments and displays appointment-specific additional information offers long-term added value.

heyPatient offers exactly that:

  • The comprehensive basic functionality of the app keeps everything important ready and organises the daily health routine with appointment synchronisation in the mobile calendar.

  • In 14 Languages.

Patient-centred - for the needs of Tomorrow

The basic functionality of a patient-centred app must be aligned with these and constantly evolve.

Together with test patients and users, we are constantly developing the app functionalities.

  • A digital health companion, just like the healthcare system, must always be up to date - in the case of an app with a focus on the needs of people, whether healthy or ill.

Digital before Outpatients before Inpatients

The time patients spend in hospital is getting shorter and shorter, because the cost pressure is enormous. At the same time, healthcare is one of the least digitalised sectors in the world. There is a lot of catching up to do here. In the midst of cost pressure and a lack of resources, however, expensive new systems and elaborate projects are not very attractive.

Hospital stays are becoming shorter and shorter. The amount of information required in advance and the number of forms to be signed are not decreasing. In order for the short stay to run optimally, well-informed patients are needed in the right place at the right time.

From the patient's point of view, comprehensive information is also desired at an early stage. Digitally, if possible, so that I have everything important at my fingertips at all times.

heyPatient offers ready-to-use functionalities along the patient journey. Thanks to ready-to-use modules, simple standard interfaces that are easy to integrate and cost-effective, with "digital Health as a Service".

  • Paperless registration so that my data is already known in case of emergency and I can receive info and updates from my health partner (if desired).

  • Paperless VIP entry with 3 clicks instead of form wars and time-consuming typing of data at reception.

    • Seamless service integration with ready-to-use Navision module or via standard data interface in your PatAdmin/ERP system.

  • Digital appointment dispatch directly to the app with timely appointment reminder, reminder of fasting phase and much more.

    • Thanks to digital dispatch, reduction of "no shows" and better prepared patients, cost savings of up to CHF 35.00 per digitised appointment request.

  • various further functionalities such as digital consultation hours, in-app purchases, digital questionnaires, etc.

Don't reinvent the wheel every time - Rather invest in your specific functionality

With "digital Health as a Service", we offer a service provider-integrating solution with comprehensive basic functionality that is constantly being expanded.

In today's health care system, which is also developing very quickly and continuously thanks to COVID-19, a self-developed patient app makes little sense.

The in-house IT department is an expert for internal needs. The necessary expertise for app development, the latest standards, integration of new solutions and market needs often has to be bought in and still ties up internal resources, both of which quickly become expensive. In addition, the benefit of an app that cannot be used beyond the hospital walls is limited from the patient's perspective.

Maximise the benefit of what already exists:

  • heyPatient offers the possibility to integrate existing developments into our solution.

  • You design your appearance in the app according to your corporate design and with your content.

  • We would be happy to develop your specific functionalities and map the use cases that are attractive to you in the app.

  • Contact us.

Integrated Care and hospital@home

The vision is clear: patients are at the centre of high-quality treatment. And the smartphone is at the beginning of this treatment.

Today, it is not only younger people who use smartphones as phones, cameras, banks, offices and much more. At the latest since COVID-19, many older people have acquired smartphones of the newer generation and are familiar with how to use them.

Just recently, we were contacted by a 74-year-old pensioner who had already entered 30 health appointments in the heyPatient app and asked us when he could finally receive the appointments from "his cantonal hospital" on his timeline ;-)

heyPatient offers is provider-integrating. We have developed our solution in such a way that

  • a simple technical connection is possible in a few days thanks to standard interfaces.

  • The functionality can be flexibly supplemented and expanded.

  • service providers can design their website with specific content and in accordance with their corporate identity.

  • Use is fully integrated into your internal system environment.

  • Existing processes and systems can continue to be used in a familiar way.

With heyPatient, you use a future-oriented solution that ensures integrated care and enables hospital@home.

The personal support network - always with you

Parents of children, neighbours who care for others or children who accompany their elderly parents to doctor's appointments know how much effort is needed to keep track of appointments and to have important documents including insurance details with them at all times.

That's why we developed "heyFamily":

  • App users share the appointment view with their loved ones

  • Simply generate a QR code in the app, the other person also scans the code in the app - done.

  • Appointments of heyPatient service providers are displayed in the timeline with the logo of the service provider. The appointment-specific additional information helps patients and the care network in preparation, during treatment and aftercare.

  • Confidential appointments can easily be marked as "private". "heyFamily" members do not see these appointments.

You would like to get to know heyPatient or test it right away? Contact us. We look forward to exchanging ideas with you.

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