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A warm welcome to the heyPatient Advisory-Team, Alfred Angerer

We are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to Prof. Dr. Alfred Angerer, and we are excited to have him enrich our team with his wealth of knowledge and experience.

Alfred is no stranger to the healthcare industry - as a renowned figure with an impressive career in both academia and practical application, he significantly shapes the digital development within the healthcare sector.

In addition to his professorship at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), Alfred is well-known for his research and publications in the field of health economics. His ability to effectively communicate this expertise and the latest insights to various stakeholders enables the successful dissemination and integration of these insights into innovative solutions.

Our paths have crossed on multiple occasions, and Alfred has also influenced the heyPatient journey. This includes moments like shortly after our founding, when our CEO Matthias Spühler heard an interview with Master's student Sabine Ultsch on the topic of Electronic Patient Records (EPD) in Alfred's podcastMarktplatz Gesundheit“. Sabine joined the heyPatient team as one of our first employees just a few weeks later.

Furthermore, during our collaboration within the scope of the Innosuisse Flagship ProjectSHIFT“, which was recently awarded the Prix d’excellence, we have been impressed by Alfred's expertise in health economics and his ability to identify key elements and integrate them into a blueprint for the healthcare system.

We are proud to welcome Alfred Angerer as a member of our Advisory Team and look forward to benefiting even more directly from his experience and expertise in the future.

Warmly welcome to the team, Alfred

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