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App or web? The choice is yours

Quick, paperless registration and immediate receipt of appointments, messages and important information, wherever you are. That is our aim: to leave more time for people, whether patients, healthcare professionals or loved ones.

For a solution like heyPatient to fulfil this requirement, it must be as easy to use as possible and enable interaction on all channels.

Depending on the situation, patients decide whether they would prefer to start their digital support via the app or our web solution. In either case, the latter responds automatically and offers comprehensive patient guidance.

digital companion via App and email/SMS

App-guided Journey

Notifications, appointments directly in my personal timeline, interaction buttons, inbox with messages and notifications... the app gives users the most important things at a glance. Whether app-integrated (in-house) navigation or the sobriety phase displayed in red, the app acts as a digital companion with intuitive UX.

Example: Invitation to an orthopaedic consultation with instructions, appointment navigation, etc.

Web-guided Journey

Patients can benefit from digital support - in this case via email/SMS - even without downloading the app. This is particularly important in an emergency.

Service providers can integrate our web registration with just a few clicks and enable fast, maximally simple digital registration.

Thanks to Google Auto-fill, automated insurance card scanning, data minimisation and other simplifications, this can be done in no time and the digitally accompanied journey can begin.

This means that patients and their care network are easy to reach, even in an emergency.

Example: Digital patient support and guidance via email

Best Practice - as a Service

Relieve employees, optimise processes and thus noticeably reduce costs.

heyPatient offers modular functionality, making it easy for you to get started. You benefit from best practice and a proven solution that offers comprehensive benefits.

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