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Non-binding Pre-Analysis - heyPatient (3 x 1/2 day)

Non-binding Pre-Analysis - heyPatient (3 x 1/2 day)

Create facts and shape the vision of your digital patient journey.

Together with you, we analyse clinical contents using the example of a specialist area (e.g. physio), the results and the procedure can be applied to other areas. We are also developing a high-level technical concept for connecting the disposition system and patient admdata to «heyPatient». At the end of the three days, you will receive consolidated workshop documentation. On request, we will create the internal project proposal for the implementation of the digital patient journey together with you.


  • Preliminary analysis: patient journey and benefit heyPatient
  • Technical pre-analysis of the interfaces
  • Preliminary analysis: Processes and operations
  • Preliminary analysis: Benefits and (project) effort with recommendation



Design workshop


Your effort

3 workshop half days (each in the morning or afternoon)



On your premises or with us


Time / dates

The three workshop half days are ideally planned / booked over a period of 1 to a maximum of 3 weeks.


Procedure and content

During the workshops we get from the rough vision to the details.

Between the workshop days with you and your employees, we process the results and present the findings to you in the follow-up workshop for verification and further development together with you.


Delivery results

  • Digital patient journey
  • Identification of the greatest benefit of heyPatient
  • Inventory of clinical content of patient-oriented communication for a specialist area (e.g. physio, women's clinic ..)
  • Technical rough concept for the connection to the MRP system (agenda) and patient master data (MPI)
  • Documentation of the workshops
  • If desired: Participation in the creation of your internal project application


Internal resources required Ideally, employees from organizational development / process management, IT and clinic representatives from patient administration as well as from medicine and nursing during three half days. We would be happy to work out the detailed planning together with you, including recommended attendances per workshop day.


Please contact for a quote and an appointment

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